Life is Beautiful

Life is quite beautiful
Simply a wonder
Though sometimes it may present us with pain
But most of the time
Laughter is always around
A combination to make our day
Tonnes of reasons to make me cry
Another tonnes of reasons to make me smile
One or two reasons to renounce
But more reasons to go on
Mine is not easy
But so as millions of others
It may not go as I planned
But it sure has its rationale
And for that
It will not be disappointing
As life is not just quite beautiful
But precisely is beautiful

By: Syima Muslim

Fight for Life

Today everything seems out of control.

Plan crashed down.

But I'm rather proud of myself.

Because despite of everything that look so messy, I found myself to be rather calm.

Frustration is not even close. It wasn't even there.

Surprising enough, Calm was in the air and everywhere I turned.

Today I learnt one vital element; that I'm growing and for that I'm glad and couldn't ask for more.

-Syima Muslim-

7 things in the lab

I have some hobbies that I usually do in the lab. Here's the list:

  1. Keep bothering Kak Shirin & Kak Marine
  2. Picking a "fight" with Zeiad, ahahhaha
  3. Keep checking the time -->to see if lunch time has finally arrived
  4. Singing, apparently very very out of the pitch
  5. Laughing with the sisters
  6. Switching off the air condition, its freezing!
  7. Saying the SB word, ahahhaha
That's it. 7 things I love to do in the lab.

7, because it's my favourite number ^_^

Maybe I'll come up with 7 things I want soon, hahha

~7 things in the lab~

-Syima Muslim-

Today is not a fairytale

It has been a long day today.

A long but wonderful day.

A day with hopes and support and encouragement and great energy.

Not forgetting a day filled with Nescafe, hahaha.

A day where I suddenly became a broke girl, because I forgot my purse, hahha.

Apart from the purse thing, everything's else was just great, really.

Hope and look forward for tomorrow.

Oh my, I just love my life ^_^

~Life in the hectic lane, I'm loving it~

-Syima Muslim-

Opps, we did it again!

Today, eh, sorry, yesterday (considering now its 31 minutes past 1 in the morning) was Kak Marine's birthday. She turned XX years old now, hihihi, which will make me XX this May, LOL.

What is it that we did again you might asked, right?

We went to buy two dozens, and I tell you, there are a lot, of donuts. But they're yummy, delicious, and keep you going for more, hahha.

Wasn't a big fan of donuts, suddenly I fell in love with these appealing looking donuts of

It's the second time we dig too much of donuts in about 5 days. Haha.

But can't blame us, the donuts were just too attractive to avoid, haha.

So we bought donuts again today to celebrate Kak Marine's birthday.

It was really fun and we need to do this more often, seriously.


-Syima Muslim-

Adrenaline rush! I love my life!

I love my life, really, I do.

I love the passion that sometimes I do notice I have, haha.

I love the experiments I'm doing, seriously I do.

I love my parents, that's for sure, obviously.

I love everyone in my life and couldn't ask for more.

Life's great, though sometimes it presented me with pain, but that'll easily forgotten, for there'll always be something else to cure the day.

I love driving, really do, honestly.

I even once dreamt about becoming a female F1 driver when I was younger, hahha (okay, laugh, I don't mind, hahaha)

It's like flying (though I had no idea how does it feel to be flying, ahhaa) when I drive. But not to worry, I only do that when I drive alone, and when I'm heading home late, very late at night.
Adrenaline rush just got me I supposed, haha.

~Speed is an unspeakable therapy~

-Syima Muslim-

Donuts and Birthdays in relation with Books

Today I had a very interesting day, really interesting day.

In fact, my friends too had interesting day today.

And it all thanks to Birthdays-Donuts-Books.

Thanks to Zeiad, for its his birthday today. Thanks to him because it became an excuse for us to have some fun, kept asking for yummy birthday cake from him, hihihi. The party should be bigger, but what to do, Muath and Kak Ena can't make it, so we were left to four. We bought a dozen of donuts from J.Co, yummy ones, hihhii, have fun at choosing our donuts, great time! Happy birthday to you Zeiad ^_^ and thank you for buying Kak Shirin, Kak Marine and me each a refreshing drinks, hihi.

The fun didn't stop there though, for we went up to Borders to window shopping for books (supposedly), but being me, I just can't stop myself from buying books, especially when I suddenly eyed a book about vampire love story, ahhaha.

So off I went, to the nearest ATM machine, to withdraw money and rushed back to the store to buy the book, fearing someone might steal the book, ahhaha (ya, that'll happen if I had a twin ^_^)

Anyway, the book's title is Love Bites by Lynsay Sands.

But I think (as I walked to and from the ATM machine), it was as if I had burnt all the energy the donuts had supplied me, because the distance from Borders to the ATM machine was really long, Borders was on the southern wing of the mall, while the ATM machine was on the northern wing, ahahha.

So I suppose the relation of books, donuts and birthdays is that today is Zeiad's birthday which enabled us to savoured some delicious donuts, many flavours actually, hihi, then coincidently a visit to the book store which attracted me to buy a book.

Which in a final conclusion got me thinking, we should do this more often and on the 1st of March should be another day of fun, because we'll be celebrating Kak Marine's birthday, yay! ^_^

Okay, full stop.


-Syima Muslim